Marisara Satrulee

C asean

ASEAN Knowledge & Community Management Specialist

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As a stakeholder manager and sustainability analyst, I have experience combining my passion for sustainability with the key relationship building and measurement methodologies that enable large complex corporate entities to better take on the challenges that we will face as a result of climate change. With a deep interest in data analysis, coding and data visualisation, I am a constant learner who can help measure change, drive impact and provide strategic recommendations that fuel organisational growth and impact.

Suggested topics
Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting refers to the disclosure of business operation and performance that follows the framework of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. The discussion content would cover identifying a materiality or sustainability-topic list that a business is planning to measure, then discussing how to measure the performance of chosen materiality. Finally, discussing how to write the report.

Stakeholder Engagement Campaigns

Once a company has implemented sustainability transformation to change how company operates, it is very crucial to communicate the change and the change objectives with their internal and external stakeholders. This discussion will cover a range of possible activities to engage with different type of business's stakeholders. Beside crafting the communication content, this session will cover suitable indicators to measure the success of the activity.

Commercializing technology by simplifying tech-jargons

Good products don't always mean a fast selling product or a cash-cow. Once the innovation is at a commercial-ready stage, we need good marketing for its to sell. Great innovators are often mistaken good marketing with jargon bombards. Therefore, the discussion will cover: - Identifying what problem the product is solving what problem and for whom - figuring out ways to identify 1st tier and 2nd tier target customers, and think about what are the best ways to get through to them - conducting quick-and-easy market research - analyzing data and planning the marketing action

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