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I have 10 years of experience in product management in tech and FMCG both on the strategy and the execution side of things. I've managed £55m worth of P&L and £100m ARR products and have successfully led a team of 15-30 people across 3 continents for projects across Asia and the UK. My specialties include competitive landscape analysis and digital product strategy. I have excellent stakeholder management skills having dealt directly with c-level executives for all strategic initiatives and product development projects.

Suggested topics
Tech Career Transition

I had a major career transition in three major areas having pivoted into a product management role at a tech company in London with no prior experience in tech. If you're interested moving into tech or product management in the UK I'm more than happy to talk about my journey and the challenges I've overcome.

The Start-up Struggles of a First-time Founder

I have recently co-founded an edtech start-up with my MBA friend in the UK. We are a part of the most recent Accelerate Cambridge cohort, which is a 3-month accelerator programme. There were a lot of challenges that I had to overcome and I would love to share with you how I have navigated through those challenges or better yet, avoid the pitfalls that I had gone through.

Job-hunting in the UK

I secured my internship and permanent role before finishing my MBA. It was a very challenging journey and I wish someone would have given me some advice on how to navigate through the ambiguities when job-hunting in a foreign country. I can share with you what I've learnt throughout the process.

MBA Application Process

I did my MBA at the University of Cambridge in 2017. I can give you some advice on the application process and how to make the most of your time during your MBA year.

MBA Life - The bits they don't tell you at the MBA open day

Doing an MBA is a BIG investment. You spend 1 - 2 years pursuing a degree which some see it as a gap year to relax and travel around Europe/ US, while others see it as a pivotal moment in their career progression. Friends from my cohort have gone to become a founder of an award-winning tech startup, a C-suite level executive of a tech unicorn, and a mum who has put her career on hold to raise the most adorable 2-year-old you'll ever see together with her partner whom she had met at the MBA. Each of them have achieved so much in the past 5 years and I would love to share the knowledge and experience I've gone through first-hand and through the wisdom of my friends that have kindly shared their experiences with me.

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