Prae Songprasit

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I'm a UX Engineer who loves helping people make accessible web products. I care deeply about accessibility, user experience, sustainable software development, cross discipline collaboration, and growing front-end capabilities in and out of organisations. Out of 9 to 5 hours, I'm cooking up ways to inspire and empower web creators, to make digital accessibility an integral part of their process. I also regularly mentor local junior talents who's trying to get into, and grow in the tech industry. My tools of trade are empathy, semantic HTML, CSS, and whatever JavaScript tooling is being used at the time.

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Web accessibility

การออกแบบและทำเว็บให้ทุกคน รวมถึงคนพิการ สามารถเข้าถึงได้ How to create accessible web products to be usable by anyone, including those with disabilities.

Designer working with developers

How can UX and UI designers work effectively with developers? What do developers need to be your design champion?

Creating a sustainable web development team

What kind of roles to recruit at different stages of your product development? What's the right mix of experiences should you have to create a sustainable and high functioning team?

Front-end Developer's career advice

How to become a senior? What do product companies overseas look for? What technical and core skills should you be focusing on?

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