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I am disciplined, I have high standards and I believe in servant leadership. I care about the people I mentor, their success is my success. I lived in Indonesia for 4 years, and have now lived in Thailand since 2017. I've spent the better part of 30 years on the corporate & franchise side of full-service, fast casual and quick service restaurants. I have held every position in F&B and business operations, from General Manager to Managing Director of 100's of locations of multiple brands in multiple countries. I mentor business leaders on how to implement "systems" in business, and also, on "the power to influence." I can show you how to attract & develop great talent by following a certain set of rules anyone can follow to "model" success, thus, you will experience same or similar results. These principles work in all businesses.

Finance & Investment
Suggested topics
Profit & Loss / Balance Sheets

How to read and identify every area of opportunity in a business or company, based on numbers. How to know what leadership talks about and what they don't, what is important to them, and what is not; all based on numbers and trends.

Rectification of issues in a P&L

How to rectify problems after they've been identified. The behaviors of your people create your P&L. Your P&L is your businesses report card. We are not as concerned with the numbers each week as we are about what you are going to do about it. I can show you what to do about it and how to improve your numbers through successfully implemented systems and people management.

Financial Reporting

Financial reports you must have to stay on top of financial performance, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. I can show you which ones to create and why.

Management vs. Leadership

How to lead. The difference between management and leadership, and when to exercise both. Micro and Macro Management. Why both are necessary.

Conflict Management

How to handle difficult people, employees and bosses. How to measure, manage and solve poor performance issues legally and ethically.

Multi-Unit, Multi-Property, Multi-Market, Multi-Brand and Multi-Country Management

How to move the needle when every site visit provides it's own unique set of challenges and everyone is at a different level of performance. How to conduct visits and meetings. How to measure and motivate each location while you're present. How to improve each individual business, so each time you visit, you see positive, upward movement.

Profit Per Sq.M

How to lead your Auto-Cad/Cam, Construction and Real Estate teams to drastically improve profit per square meter.

Time Management (A Lost Art)

You must take massive action every day on the things only you can do that other people can't do. Either you don't have the people yet, or they don't have the skill and ability yet, so get it done. If I can get 40 people to do 40 things (each) for me this week and you can't, I am 1,600 tasks ahead of you every week, 6,400 tasks each month and 83,000 tasks per year. If I run a business with 10 locations, I'll get close to 1 million more tasks done in a year than most people. Can you see how easy it is to separate yourself from the "so-called" competition? If you don't become a master delegator, you will never become highly successful. Delegation is not giving to your people, what you don't like to do. This is the biggest mistake I see leaders make, and they fail and wonder why? Delegation is about development of your people while moving the business forward at record speed!

Public Speaking

1.) We will start with basic communication. The quality of communication you have with yourself will be equal to the quality of communication you have with others. 2.) Non-Verbal Q's and Unconscious Influence. 3.) The Fundamental Keys to Effective Communication from in Front of the Room

Mentorship programs

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Travel & Hospitality
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