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"I believe that what helps us create an exponential life is creating a deeper connection to life itself; It's about coming from a place of curiosity, playfulness, love, presence, and service. - Nikon Gormley" Nikon is a Transformative Coach, Facilitator, Mentor and Catalyst. He shows you how to navigate life, business, and relationships with a greater sense of ease and grace. He is the Founder & CEO of Inner Spark Group, which is a boutique Coaching & Consultancy that serves clients from around the world. www.nikongormley.com Nikon’s MISSION is to wake people up to their innate brilliance, wisdom, creativity and well-being. He has worked with people from around the world, including Students, Olympians, CEOs, Executives Leaders, Teachers, Coaches, Founders, Olympic Athletes, Celebrities, Executive Chefs, and even Buddhist Monks. Nikon is also the founder of Super 7 Taekwondo Academy, which has been operational for 10 years and owns 8+ branches around Thailand.

Suggested topics
What are the Three Principles (3Ps) of Mind, Consciousness and Thought? And How can they help me live a more rich and fulfilling life?
How do I go from good to great? in my life, business, career and relationships?
How do I grow and scale my business? How do I 10x my growth?
How do I become a more powerful leader? How do I 10x my impact?
Why aren't my products / services selling? How do I fix it?
How do I have more clarity about myself and my business?
How do I create alignment with my True Potential? How do I feel more connected with my intuition (inner wisdom)?
How do I feel less stressed and less pressured? How do I experience more joy in what I do?
How do I have more peace of mind? How do I experience more inner stillness?
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