Meili Lovanich

Sony Music Entertainment

Senior Director, Business Development Asia and Middle East

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At Sony Music, I invest in and partner with companies to bring about a wider suite of services to Sony Music's artists and build Sony Music's roster of artists and music catalogs in Asia and the Middle East. My areas of interest include direct-to-fans platform, e-merchandising, live streaming virtual concerts, e-ticketing, metaverse/digital avatar/NFT, music tokenization, data-driven artists and repertoire, digital rights management, audio/video production, artist management, music catalogs, among others. Prior to Sony Music, I was an Associate Investment Officer at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and a Venture Capital Investor at PTT Group. At PTT, I led venture investments, both directly in companies and in venture capital funds, in the United States and in Asia. During my time at PTT, I was also a secondee in the investment team at G2VP, a $350 million venture firm spun out of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’ greentech-focused investment arm in Menlo Park, California. The sectors that I covered prior to moving into music and entertainment were future of mobility (autonomous vehicles & ride sharing & electric vehicles), future of enterprises and industrials (RPA & industrial analytics & drones), future of energy (solar technologies), plastics circularity, senior care, horticulture, alternative proteins, green urban development, and fund formation.

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